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Amit Shah said- leader feeling suffocated in Congress party, truth came out in CWC meeting


Union Home Minister Amit Shah has strongly attacked the Congress. Amit Shah said that the leaders of the Congress Party have no freedom to speak, so it is becoming difficult for them to breathe in the party. Shah raised the issue of the Congress’ sacking its spokesperson ‘without thinking’ and said that the leaders of the opposition party were feeling ‘suffocated’. The BJP leader referred to the recent Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting to confirm his point, in which senior members and younger members raised some issues, but were pacified.

Amit Shah tweeted that senior leaders are not being listened to except small members in Congress. Along with this, he shared a link to the news of an English newspaper in the tweet titled – Congress removed Sanjay Jha from the post of party spokesperson after a critical article.

Referring to the Congress Working Committee, Amit Shah said, “Members raised some issues in the recent CWC meeting, but their voices were suppressed by shouting. A party spokesperson was dismissed without thinking. The sad truth is that leaders in Congress are feeling suffocated. ‘ While referring to the Emergency, he said that the Emergency was lifted due to the efforts of millions of people. Democracy was restored in India, but democracy could not be restored in the Congress. The interests of a family dominated the party’s interests and national interests.

At the same time, in another tweet, Amit Shah wrote – As one of the main opposition parties of India, Congress needs to ask itself:

Why is the ideology like Emergency still in the party?

Why are leaders who are not of a dynasty unable to speak?

Why are the leaders in Congress disappointed?

Also, their relationship with people has changed very little.

It is worth mentioning that for 25 months from June 25, 1975, Emergency was imposed in the country. The then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed declared emergency under Article 352 of the Indian Constitution at the behest of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.