Fast rising corona cases in Telangana, report of 5 security personnel of a minister positive


Corona test positive of 5 security personnel of a Telangana minister has come. Corona cases in Telangana are increasing rapidly, due to which many legalists, political leaders, bureaucrats and officials of Telangana Police have been confirmed corona. In addition, Corona’s transition has also been confirmed in several employees of political representatives and bureaucrats, which led to these people being quarantined. In some cases, even family members have been quarantined.

For example, after the Mayor’s driver came to Corona test positive in Hyderabad, the family of the mayor was put on home quarantine. Similarly, Corona was placed in isolation in a former BJP MLA after his confirmation. The MLA and his family members are on quarantine after BJP MLA Goshamahal’s security guard came to Corona Test positive. On Wednesday, 891 new positive cases were reported in Telangana, after which the total number of infected people in the state has increased to 10,444.