India China Border Dispute: Shatrughan Sinha raised questions on PM Modi by tweeting, users said – silent


India China Border Dispute: India-China Border Dispute from Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM-Narendra Modi) to Bollywood’s Bihari Babu and former Patna Sahib MP and Congress leader Shatrughan Sinha Questioned After this, users have trolled them on Twitter. Many users have advised them to keep quiet by calling them their famous dialogue ‘Khamoos’. Trolling still continues.

Shatrughan Sinha asked this question to PM Modi

Shatrughan Sinha, addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) in his tweet, asked him why there are so many contradictions on the situation of India-China? The country seems to be in a state of confusion, it does not know who to trust. Famous actor and politician Kamal Haasan has rightly said.

Different types of comments started coming on a tweet

After this, various comments started coming from users on Shatrughan Sinha’s tweet. This sequence is still going on.

 Abhishek Shri (@AbhiasekS) on Twitter told Shatrughan Sinha that he is neither an MP nor MLA nor any constitutional post. Then why do they think that Modi Ji will have so much time to answer useless questions?

 Tejas (@ Tejas19826350) writes for Shatrughan Sinha – ‘Abe Khamosh.’ Vijay Shiva Chandekar (@ vjshiv702) also says, ‘Silence, understand the rest yourself. And yes, Modiji does not need to be consulted.

 Neeraj Joshi (@ neerajkumar14) writes that if there is any contradiction, it will be overcome by putting it on the right platform. Twitter’s platform is not right for this. The problem with actor-turned-politicians is that they start from ‘action’ and end at ‘cut’.

Apart from this, many other users have done different types of Tanj. One wrote that Shatrughan Sinha should not be disturbed, just keep entertaining on Twitter. The people of Patna who rejected him have full faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Another wrote that there is no contradiction of any kind. The public is fully confident of the Narendra Modi government and the Indian Army.

 Not all users have the same troll to Shatrughan Sinha. Jairam More (@jairammore), while endorsing Shatrughan Sinha, has called the idea high. There are many other people like this. However, the number of trollers is more.