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Shares of this company gave 39120 percent return in 6 months, acquired by Patanjali last year


Manish Kumar Mishra. What you read in the title is literally correct. A company whose shares were priced at Rs 3.32 per share on January 24, 2020, is trading at Rs 1367.20 today. The acquisition of this company was completed by owner Ramdev’s company Patanjali only last year. Yes, we are talking Ruchi Soya.

Returned 39,119.88 percent since December 2019

The investors who bought the shares of this company will be lucky. From 18 December 2019 to 23 June 2020 Ruchi Soya shares have given 39,119.88 per cent returns to investors. For the past several days, its shares have been continuously in the upper circuit. Let us take a look at the movements of the stocks of this company in the small-cap category and know from the experts of the stock market that can one still invest in this stock?

Break-even point is Rs 2,700

CNI Research CMD Kishore Ostwal said 99 per cent shares of Ruchi Soya were cancelled. In such a situation, if the price of the shares reaches the level of Rs 2,700 per share, then it will be its break-even point. Meaning, no profit-no loss situation will occur.

On June 24, there were 43,177 deals for the purchase of Ruchi Soya shares and an upper circuit of 5 per cent. Its shares were priced at Rs 1367.20 per share on the BSE.

Can Ruchi Soya’s shares still be purchased?

Ajay Kedia, founder and investor of Kedia Advisory, says that the stock is seeing a steady rise and it seems to be in the upper circuit. In such a situation, investors who want to make a profit by investing in it for a short period should avoid buying shares. Yes, if someone wants to invest for three to five years, then he should buy this stock in a little bit. Right now the prices of this share will consolidate.