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UK scientists invented the corona medicine


To prevent the destruction of Corona from all over the world, it is necessary to develop its medicine. There is no doubt that scientists are engaged in it. There are also reports of claims of making Corona vaccine from different countries. Now a UK research team has claimed that it has discovered ‘dexamethasone’ to get rid of Corona. The research team claims that patients with Corona who are on ventilator use this drug will reduce the death rate by one-third, and 20% of patients living with oxygen can be saved. The Oxford University team has completed the trial in a record time of nine days.

In addition to 175 UK hospitals, 11500 patients participated in the recovery trial from Corona. The trial found that the use of ‘dexamethasone’ reduced the death toll from the corona. The research team says that 40 out of 100 patients who usually live in ventilators die, but the number has decreased to 28 with the use of ‘dexamethasone’.

At the same time, the rate of death in patients who were on oxygen decreased from 25 to 20. These drugs are proving helpful in quick fixing the lungs. Research has so far shown that dexamethasone is effective in patients who are on ventilators or who are on oxygen. The World Health Organization has called this trial a life-saving scientific step. This study is named ‘Recovery’.

Research team claims

Professor Peter Horby and his partner Martin Lendre, head of Oxford University’s research team, completed the recovery trial in record time. The recovery trial team is in the process of preparing another anti-virus as well as research on the plasma of an anti-biotic and recovering patients. In addition to 20 people from Oxford University, a total of 3500 people participated in this research in the UK, including patients as well as doctors, nurses, researchers and admin staff. The drug has been used in the past to get rid of the corona, but WHO had banned it because of no concrete results.