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WWDC 2020: Apple launches macOS Big Sur, redesigned interfaces


On the first day of the WWDC 2020 Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new version of the operating system of all its devices. On the first day, iOS 14, iPad 14, WatchOS 7 as well as macOS Big Sur were also introduced. This operating system has been introduced for Apple’s Most Advanced Computers. macOS Big Sur has been completely redesigned by Apple. The company has introduced this biggest update for its PC since macOS X. The Safari browser feature has also been upgraded to the new macOS Big Sur.

The design of macOS Big Sur has been made quite spacious so that the user can navigate easily on the PC screen. Also, more controls have been added for users. Apple has refined the corners of the window with colour and material. The Dock icons of macOS Big Sur have also been redesigned. All these icons have been given like other devices of Apple. Its visual complexity and user content has been brought from front to centre.

Talking about the new macOS control center, the quick access control can be accessed faster in the desktop. Also, the Notification Center has been updated with interactive notifications and redesigned widgets that are in different sizes and look similar to iOS 14.

The biggest update since 2003 for the Safari web browser has been seen. The redesign of its tabs has made the navigation even faster, so that it can be easier for users to navigate in the browser. Users will get a new start page as soon as the Safari web browser is opened. At the same time, users will also be able to change the background image in the customized area. Also, it has a built-in translation tool to translate into different languages, which will support seven languages. The privacy feature of Safari has also been upgraded.

Talking about the message features, Apple has introduced pinned convergence and refined search function for this. Screen effects will also be supported in macOS Big Sur. Users will also be able to create and customize memos in Mac. Also, it has a new photo picker tool that will support GIFs in macOS. This new operating system will be rolled out for free updates in the last quarter of the year.